• The artistic duo Abstract Birds was formed in 2009 and is composed of two visual music artists, 
    Pedro Mari and Natan Sinigaglia.
    Their work focuses on the simultaneous generation of abstract graphic compositions and music, 
    using an approach that links the image and sound in a synaesthetic relationship.

    This research arises from a common passion for music, painting and modern digital arts, 
    and the desire to convey the laws and dynamics that govern the musical and visual language in a single artistic material. 

    Abstracts Birds make use of electronic and acoustic instruments: electric piano, digital synthesizers, tenor saxophone, EWI (electronic wind instrument).
    The instrumental contributions are analyzed and processed by a software system that extracts data which is used for real-time generation of a virtual environment, similar to an ordinary videogame in terms of the extemporary interaction.

    This system is able to both follow, interpret and give shape to the artist's instrumental contribution, 
    and to produce its own audio-visual elements, faithful to the aesthetic of the work. 
    The elements are able to express themselves in either a dialogue with the artist, or in the shapes and dynamics of an autonomous environment in which the artist is to act.

    Since the work is a real-time production, it allows artists to improvise and freely vary their creative approach. The software also uses generative mathematical algorithms that produce unique and unrepeatable results in each iteration. This gives the work variability and organicity, two significant aspects of the natural world, from which Abstract Birds have always been inspired.

    Modern digital technology allows one to explore in a completely new way the expressive and compositive possibilities of the audio-visual medium, facilitating transitions from absolute simplicity to the richest complexity, from micro to macro, from the geometrical and mathematical precision to the unpredictability of chaos.

    Abstracts Birds have performed audiovisual concerts in numerous international festivals in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Russia, United States, Canada and Brazil.